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Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Strong

Living only an hour away from Boston, terror struck too close to home this week.  Watching the chaos unfold on the news, my heart hurt for the victims, their families, their friends...  But my shock and sadness are tinged with anger.  What kind of monster could do this?  Coward.  You picked the wrong city to pick on!  The people of Boston are tough and tenacious, and we WILL find you!  There WILL be justice! 

Today the world is a complicated place.  There is too much violence, ignorance, hate, intolerance, greed...  Is this a world we are comfortable handing over to our children?  Change needs to start with each of us!  Yet out of the ashes of tragedy heroes emerge.  The police and other emergency responders.  Everyday people who rushed towards danger in order to help others.  The medical staff at Boston's world-renowned hospitals who mobilized to treat the victims.

I mourn for the injured and for the loss of three innocent lives- people I've never met, who were simply enjoying a beautiful Spring day with their family or friends, and were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I keep seeing Martin's sweet smiling face in photos and think how it must feel to lose a child, a spouse, a friend.  His poignant message scrawled in marker on poster board as only an 8 year old can "No more hurting people.  Peace."  Wise beyond his young years and words we all should heed.  

I felt compelled to channel my feelings into something creative and the result is the card above.  The image is Olympics from Saturated Canary.  She is colored with Copics and fussy cut to stand proudly in front of a city skyline silhouette.  Boston strong.

I am supposed to be in the city myself this weekend.  It will feel a little different now, whether we want it to or not, but I will not live in fear.  I will live my life.  We will never let terror win. 

To donate to the Boston Marathon victims, please visit The One Fund or The Greg Hill Foundation


   An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind.” Mahatma Gandhi        


Heather D. said...

Love it! You've made a perfect card to showcase our fantastic capitol. Stay safe my friend! Boston strong!!

Jasmine said...

Very nice, Regan. Good way to channel some of your emotions. I can't tear myself from the computer/news.

Linda Palmer said...

Darling card and a great tribute to Americans everywhere. You did a fabulous job on this Regan.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous card dear! {hugs}

MommyScraps said...

GORGEOUS card Regan, and very moving... My brother lives a block away from where the finish line was and he has been trying to take the lock down and everything else in stride, but it's definitely a scary time. Way to pay tribute!!

Inkypinkydelights said...

What a fabulous card! Love the image and so lovely and bright and cheerful. Judy x