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Friday, May 10, 2013

You Make Me Blush

Today's Blog Every Day in May theme: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill. 

That would have to be the day gravity got the better of me!  I love the water.  Ocean, lake, pool.  It doesn't matter!  I'm a fish and I'll swim almost anywhere conditions allow it.  I also love theme park rides.  So let me loose in a water park and I'm on cloud nine!

My most embarrassing moment happened on a water slide like this one.  Straight down.

A long way down.  Plenty of time for your bathing suit to misbehave and leave you, um *spilling out*, when you reach the bottom!  I don't know that I've even been as embarrassed as that day!  I don't embarrass easily, but this was a cringe worthy occasion!  Worse than your dress tucked into your pantyhose or toilet paper stuck to your shoe.  This was three alarm cheeks flaming and an overwhelming urge to crawl under the nearest rock & stay there embarrassing!  lol  Bad.

Luckily I recovered my senses quickly and made the necessary adjustments, but the damage was done!  Gives a new meaning to the phrase "wet and wild", doesn't it?

What about you?  What was your most embarrassing moment?




Unknown said...

LOL! Something similar happened to me when I was 18. Had a bikini on dove into a pool and that didn't mix together very well. Especially when there is a big group at the house. :D

Mish B said...

Ok, here's mine....It was really, really hot one day (well, I live in FL, that happens) and so I was wearing a white cotton sun dress. I planned to take a picture of the Jupiter light house in Jupiter (S FL) but I wanted to get it from the bridge. That bridge is a draw bridge, and I'm not sure if you have ever seen one up close, but the part that actually lifts up - the "road" part is just an egg crate like iron. Well, wind circulates up through that egg crate iron like a here I am walking across that bridge, tri-pod in one hand, 1000 dollar camera in the other, and WHOOSH...up flies my dress, picture Marylin Monroe but I'm no Marylin Monroe and I had no free hands to hold that dress down. I'm giving all the cars going across the bridge a free show. Honking horns and cat whistles were heard by all. Learned my lesson. No more dresses on a draw bridge.