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Monday, March 3, 2014

Liebster Blog Award

The lovely and talented Lucy Patrick of Lucy Loves Scrapping nominated me for a Liebster Award (HERE)!  Out of all the blogs in blogland, she selected mine as one of the eleven on her list!  It's such a thrill and an honor to be singled out by someone whose work you admire!  

Lucy had some questions for her nominees.  I am not going to select any blogs myself (I love you all), but I did think it would be fun to answer the questions.  Here goes:

1. What made you create a blog?
I had just discovered digital stamps and there was a progressive challenge going on over at Sassy Studio Designs.  I wanted those images!  Bad.  lol
2. What scares you?
The thought of someone I love becoming seriously ill or of losing someone I love.  Spiders.  Heights.  Bad hair days. Running out of mono adhesive.
3. Favorite type of crafting?
Paper crafting, specifically card making.  I've never really gotten into scrapbooking (my poor son is four and I have ONE page done in his book), SMASHing, or altered art.  Sometimes I dabble, but I always come back to what I love.
4. When's your favorite time to craft, day or night?
Night, usually late night, after the small man is in bed asleep and everything else has been done for the day.  You could say I'm a bit of a night owl.
5. Name your favorite place you'd like to visit?
Ireland!  I've never been and something about it calls to me.
6. What's your favorite TV show?
Oh, boy...  This is a tough one!  I watch a fair amount of TV and I have lots that I just cannot miss!  I guess at the moment it's a tie between Caste and Scandal.  (Plus there are faves that are no longer on the air, like Sex and The City, Wonder Falls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed...)
7. Where was your last holiday?
 My last "real" vacation was in 2008, and I went to Cancun, Mexico with several of my friends.  It was fabulous even though I only got to go in the ocean once for like 2 seconds due to dangerous rip tides.  The pool side bar made up for it, though!

8. Do you like Valentine's Day?
I can take it or leave it.  I like to bake and do sweet things for my son and my co-workers, just like other holidays.
9. How many and which countries have you lived in?
 I've only lived in one country- the US.  But I have lived in several different states.

10. Do you collect anything?
Besides the insane amount of digis, stamps, and crafting supplies that I own?!?!  Yes, actually, I sort of collect Barbie (but only certain ones) and magnets from places I visit.
11. Favorite color?
Purple!  But one glance at my blog should tell you that!  :-)
Thanks again, Lucy!  I appreciate it!  If any of you would like to answer these questions, write a blog post and leave a link in my comments so I can come visit you!  We don't need awards to get to know our crafty friends!



Ginger said...

Congrats Regan! I love your new blog! It looks awesome!

Lucy Patrick said...

Hey Regan, so lovely that you accepted the award, I loved reading your answers. I love following your blog and seeing your gorgeous creations so it was a no-brainer to choose you. Thanks for the lovely comments you said about me and my blog. Have a wonderful day, XOX Lucy